Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence
1st DTU Compute Workshop

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On 23 November 2016, DTU Compute is organising the first of two workshops on Current Trends in AI. The workshop will take place in

Conference Room 1 (Mødelokale 1), DTU Meeting Centre, Building 101, DTU

(note room change!).


Specialised artificial intelligence has been making fast progress in recent years. This progress is based upon fast computation and development in machine learning and traditional artificial intelligence algorithms -- and, crucially, in making new combinations of these existing methods. A fine example of this is Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo system that recently beat the best human player in the board game Go. Go is challenging because of its large branching factor and difficulty of evaluating the value of a position. AlphaGo uses a combination of supervised and reinforcement learning and Monte Carlo tree search to solve the problem.


At DTU Compute there is quite a few of researchers working on different aspects of artificial intelligence from machine learning, algorithms, logic-based and scientific computing perspectives. DTU Compute is organising two workshops with the purpose of bringing together these researchers and local industry and academia. The first workshop is focused on the Copenhagen area and takes place on 23 November 2016. A central theme is combinations of, and synergies between, symbolic and sub-symbolic AI. The workshops will focus on recent trends, find common ground and interests that point forward to the coming years. It is expected that many of the future successes in AI will lie in the combination of methods from separate subfields, e.g. combinations of symbolic and sub-symbolic AI.


The format will be invited speakers that will be asked both to talk about their own research and their views on where the field as a whole is heading and how their own research area fits into the overall picture. In particular, we are interested in the speakers’ thoughts and reflections on which other areas of AI their research could benefit from being paired with.


The outcome of the workshops will ideally be to identify where the field as a whole is heading and to pinpoint how we can use the competences at DTU Compute and in the Copenhagen area to exploit the potential synergies and stay at the front in research, teaching and industrial collaboration.

Schedule and slides

Time Activity
8.45-9.00 Welcome and coffee
9.00-9.40 Ole Winther, DTU: Statistical Artificial Intelligence
9.40-10.20 Thomas Bolander, DTU: Synergies Between Symbolic and Sub-symbolic AI
10.20-10.50 Coffee and discussions
10.50-11.30 Sebastian Risi, ITU: Combining Deep Learning and Artificial Evolution
11.30-12.00 Panel discussion 1. Panel members: Thomas Bolander, DTU; Sebastian Risi, ITU; Casper Kaae Sønderby, KU; Jakob Eg Larsen, DTU; Carsten Witt, DTU. Moderator: Ole Winther.
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.40 Christian Igel, KU: Machine Learning for Science and Society
13.40-14.20 Nina Gierasimczuk, DTU: Logic and Learning in Serious Games
14.20-14.50 Coffee and discussions
14.50-15.30 Lars Kai Hansen, DTU: Sensing the Deep Structure in Signals
15.30-16.00 Panel discussion 2. Panel members: Christian Igel, KU; Nina Gierasimczuk, DTU; Lars Kai Hansen, DTU; Thomas Hamelryck, KU; Thomas Terney, React. Moderator: Thomas Bolander.


Registration is simple: Just send an email to Thomas Bolander ( at latest on Wednesday 16 November, 2016. Everyone is welcome and registration is free.


The workshop takes place in Conference Room 1 (Mødelokale 1), DTU Meeting Centre, Building 101, DTU (note room change!).


E-mail enquiries should be directed to Thomas Bolander,