How to get there

The workshop takes place at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), building 101 (the main building), room S12 in the meeting centre.

Finding the DTU campus

From Copenhagen city centre you can either go by bus 150S from Nørreport Station, or take the train (S-tog) from either the Central Station (København H) or Nørreport Station. If you take the train, you must go of at Lyngby Station and take a bus from there to DTU (short ride). Detailed descriptions of the options can be found here. Detailed travel plans from any A to any B in Denmark can automatically be computed at

Finding the meeting centre on campus

When you're at the DTU campus, you can find building 101 and the meeting centre by consulting this map. We're meeting where there is a light green blob called "DTU meeting centre". (A light green blob on the map, I mean. in reality the place we are meeting is not light green at all. Better be specific when you're expecting logicians.)