The programs in the book are available at a chapter basis:

Chapter Code files
Chapter 1: Getting started Chapter1.fsx
Chapter 2: Values, operators, expressions and functions Chapter2.fsx
Chapter 3: Tuples, records and tagged values Chapter3.fsx
Chapter 4: Lists Chapter4.fsx
Chapter 5: Collections: Lists, maps and sets Chapter5Lists.fsx, Chapter5Sets.fsx and Chapter5Maps.fsx
Chapter 6: Finite trees Chapter6Part1.fsx, Chapter6Part2.fsx and Chapter6Part3.fsx
Chapter 7: Modules (Note that the file 'DisplayCurves' occurs in a Windows and a Mono version according to the correction on page 166)
Chapter 8: Imperative features Chapter8.fsx
Chapter 9: Efficiency Chapter9.fsx
Chapter 10: Text processing programs Chapter10.fsx and
Chapter 11: Sequences Chapter11.fsx, ProdRegisterCreate.fsx and ProdRegisterQueryUpdate.fsx
Chapter 12: Computation expressions Chapter12Part1.fsx and Chapter12Parsers.fsx
Chapter 13: Asynchronous and parallel computations Chapter13Part1.fsx and Dialogue program: For Windows and for Mono platforms (according to the correction on page 323)
Appendix B: The TextProcessing library TextProcessing.fsi and TextProcessing.fs

Last update: July 8, 2013