Aasa Feragen

Professor in Medical Image Analysis


Sreejita Ghosh, postdoc, DTU and NRU: Bias and Fairness in Medicine (with Melanie Ganz, NRU), 2021-2022
Guan Wang, postdoc, DTU: Graph neural networks (with Francois Lauze, DIKU), 2020-2021
Kasra Arnavaz, PhD student, DIKU and Danstem: Segmentation and analysis of ductal networks from live imaging microscopy of the pancreas (with Pia Nyeng, Danstem/RUC and Oswin Krause, DIKU), 2018-2021
Steffen Czolbe, PhD student, DIKU: Deep learning image registration with topological differences (with Oswin Krause, DIKU)2020-2022
Anna Calissano, visiting PhD student from MOX, Politecnico di Milano: Graph-valued regression models, 2020


Tom Dela Haije, postdoc 2017-2019, now Assistant Professor at DIKU
Anton Mallasto, PhD student 2016-2020, now Postdoc at Aalto University
Annie Jane Pinder, PhD student 2016-2020
Niklas Kasenburg, PhD student: Learning from Tractography: Reconstructing and Analysing Structural Connections, 2016

Anna Calissano, guest PhD student from MOX, Politecnico di Milano: Statistics in graph-spaces, 2019
Helene Svane, guest PhD student: Reconstructing objects from noisy images at low resolution, 2018
Juan Alonso, guest PhD student: Representing trees via their branching processes, spring-summer 2017
Veronika Cheplygina, guest PhD student: Brain connectivity graphs, 2013

Rune Kok Nielsen: Registration with strafified diffeomorphic deformations, MSc, 2019
Lars Smolders, visiting MSc intern from TU Delft spring 2020, now PhD student at TU Delft
Ivan D'Annibale, 2017-2019
Christian Edsberg Møllgaard: Segmenting tubular structures in microscopy images of the pancreas (with Pia Nyeng, Danstem), MSc, 2018
Andreas Holm: Population tractography (with Sune Darkner), MSc, 2018
Christian Edsberg Møllgaard, short project: Exploratory data analysis in preparation for neural network segmentation of tubular structures in the pancreas (with Pia Nyeng), 2018
Alexander Olsen: Segmenting tubular structures in pancreas using deep learning (with Jens Petersen, Silja Heilmann and Pia Nyeng), MSc thesis, 2017
Rasmus Willigenburg Andersen: Predicting radiography dose plans using deep convolutional neural networks (with Sune Darkner), MSc thesis, 2017
Brian Yu She: Brain tumor segmentation (with Sune Darkner), MSc thesis, 2017

Victor Nordam Suadicani and Emil Petersen: Probabilistic numerics for streamline tractography (with Anton Mallasto), BSc, 2018
Jakob Guldberg Aaes: Deterministic and probabilistic tractography, BSc, 2018
Michael Hejselbak Jensen: Exploratory data analysis for segmenting tubular structures in microscopy images of the pancreas, short project, 2017
Rune Kok Nielsen and Andreas Holm: Writing a paper on the gappy GraphHopper kernel, short project, 2017
Mathias Højgaard Jensen: A study of the Wasserstein geometry (with Anton Mallasto), short project, 2017
Sarah Husum Hansen: A comparison of the classical metrics and Procrustes size-and-shape metric. A study on metrics in the space of symmetric positive semidefinite matrices, BSc thesis, 2017
Milos Kovacevic: Investigating mutual variability of graph kernels and graph datasets, short project, 2017
Rune Kok Nielsen and Andreas Holm: GraphHopper Kernel with Gaps in C++, BSc thesis, 2017
Michael Hejselbak Jensen and Henrik Thomsen, BSc thesis (with Niklas Kasenburg and Sune Darkner), 2016
> Nanna Bernbom, BSc thesis: Calculation of homology groups for simplicial complexes (with Francois Lauze), 2016
Sofia Laghouila: Learning, discerning and unifying sequence properties of transcriptional regulatory elements (with Robin Andersson), BSc thesis, 2016
Jesper Henrichsen: Vessel segmentation in retinal images (with Christian Igel), BSc thesis, 2016
Kris Licht: Implementation of automatic blood vessel segmentation in retinal images using the Kalman filter (with Raghavendra Selvan), BSc thesis, 2016
Michael Hejselbak Jensen and Henrik Thomsen, short project: Brain connectivity (with Niklas Kasenburg), 2016
Rune Kok Nielsen and Andreas Holm, Comparison of graph kernels with elementary benchmarks, short project, 2016
Silas Ørting (with Jens Petersen), BSc thesis, 2013