My teaching philosophy is based on three major principles: learning by doing, active student participation, and collaborative self learning. Although my teaching is based on the tradition of lectures, tutorials and laboratories, larger projects (sometimes undertaken in groups) play a central role in my teaching philosophy. Student projects are intended to develop the higher level skills according to Bloom's taxonomy, i.e., analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The projects are normally open ended, which means that students are required to define a project according to their abilities, skills and personal interests, i.e., defining a well rounded project within the area of the overall project area becomes an important part of the project.

At DTU Compute, I have been teaching courses on both graduate (02222, 02230, 02232, 02234 02239, PNS, CSIR, CSRG) and undergraduate (02121, 02330, 02342, 02345) level. Moreover, I am responsible for the security curriculum in the DTU Big Data Business Academy, which is a continuing education program focusing on Big Data.

Current Courses

I currently teach the following courses:

I am the academic responsible for the following courses on the Cybersecurity programme, which are mostly taught by external partners .

  • Practical Network Security, which is an etical hacking course taught in collaboration with Accenture
  • Computer Security Forensics, which is taught in collaboration with KPMG
  • Computer Security Incident Response, which is taught by me, but with guest lectures from DKCERT and Dubex

Previous Courses

I have previously been teaching on the following courses:

Project Supervision

I supervise a large number of student projects at DTU Compute, these include M.Sc. Thesis projects, Diploma IT Thesis, projects, B.Sc. Thesis projects and Special Courses (mostly project courses).

Typical student projects address a practical problem and generally involves the implementation or continued development of a prototype system. Students looking for projects with me may consider the following:
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