I try to make software as available as is practical. If you need other stuff from me, just send me an e-mail.

Subspace Estimation

The software for computing Grassmann Averages are available at the project webpage.

Metric Learning

The software developed for the NIPS 2012 paper used for regression and dimensionality reduction using multiple metrics can be found at the project website.

Diffeomorphic Deformations

The deformation code used in the ICCV 2015 and AISTATS 2016 papers is developed in public on Github.

Differential Equations

The ODE solver used both in the AISTATS 2014 and MICCAI 2014/2015 papers is being further developed at

Pose Estimation

Most of the software used in our papers in articulated tracking / pose estimate / whatever-you-call-it is available at the project website.