Mikko Berggren Ettienne

I am a PhD student at the Section for Algortihms, Logic and Graphs in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical Univesity of Denmark (DTU). My PhD is part of the project Compressed Computation on Highly-Repetitive Data supervised by Philip Bille and Inge Li Gørtz

Research interests

Algorithms and data structures for compression of sequential and structured data. Learning and heuristics in automated planning.



Jørgen Villadsen, Andreas Schmidt Jensen, Mikko Berggren Ettienne, Steen Vester, Kenneth Balsiger Andersen and Andreas Frøsig. Reimplementing a Multi-Agent System in Python with an Auction-Based Agreement Approach. In Programming Multi-Agent Systems - 10th International Workshop (ProMAS), p. 205-216, 2012.

Mikko Berggren Ettienne, Steen Vester and Jørgen Villadsen. Implementing a Multi-Agent System in Python with an Auction-Based Agreement Approach In Programming Multi-Agent Systems - 9th International Workshop (ProMAS), p. 185-196, 2011.


Mikko Berggren Ettienne. Increasing the Efficiency and Feasibility of Automated Planning through the Specification of Domain-dependent Heuristic Information. Master's Thesis supervised by Thomas Bolander (DTU Compute), 2013.

Mikko Berggren Ettienne. Applied Multi-agent Programming. Bachelor's Thesis supervised by Jørgen Villadsen (DTU Compute), 2011.


Spring 2016Algorithms and Data Structures I, DTU
Spring 2016Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agent Systems, DTU
Fall 2015Algorithms and Data Structures II, DTU
Spring 2013Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agne Systems, DTU
Fall 2011Logic in computer science, artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, DTU


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