About me

Currently I am a PhD student in the Section for Cognitive Systems, at the Technical University of Denmark under the supervision of Søren Hauberg and Lars Kai Hansen. Also, during my PhD studies I visited for six months the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems working with Philipp Hennig. Before that, I obtained my Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Saarland University, with the support of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (IMPRS-CS). Everything started from the Department of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where I received my Bachelor's Degree.


September 9, 2018. It seems that I was one of the best reviewers for the NIPS 2018. Indeed, very flattering.

April 1, 2018. Back to base! Returned from the external stay. Fantastic experiences during my external stay, thanks to all the people there!
January 29, 2018. Our paper on the latent space geometry of the deep generative models accepted at ICLR 2018. Wonderful!
December 8, 2017. I presented at the Geometric Data Analysis workshop at NIPS an overview of our work on the LAND model and its extensions.
November 8, 2017. Very happy to give a talk about geometrical machine learning models at the Geometric Science of Information conference. By the way, Paris is beautiful.
October 31, 2017. When deep learning meets geometry arXiv. See why the latent space geometry of the notorious deep generative models is highly non-linear.
September 1, 2017. Starting my external stay at the Max Planck for Intelligent Systems at Tübingen. I will be a part of the Probabilistic Numerics group for the next six months. How much better can it get?
July 3, 2017. We continue our research on the LAND model. We try to estimate the Riemannian metric with our new paper at GSI 2017.
June 12, 2017. The summer school in Nonlinear Statistics at DIKU was amazing. Super interesting to see how geometry is used in severeal other research fields.
December 6, 2016. We presented our work at NIPS! Great experience to be a part of such a conference.
September 12, 2016. I participated in the Gaussian Proces Summer School at Sheffield. The uncertainty quantification rules!
August 12, 2016. Our paper on locally adaptive normal distributions accepted at NIPS 2016. This is awesome!
June 1, 2016. My personal website is finally online.