GEometry and Linear algebra

Get the version of GEL and demos that goes with our book Guide to Computational Geometry Processing, published by Springer.

This packages should be useful for teaching. We have taken out some pieces that correspond to exercises. However, the full GEL is available via SVN (see below).


For the latest version, get it from SVN:
svn co GEL
Here is a snapshot from October 2012:


GEL is a framework used mostly for computer graphics and 3D vision. It is largely a collection of classes and functions for dealing with discrete geometry. Often, we then run into linear algebra problems, and simple linear algebra tools are also a part of GEL.

Specifically, GEL contains classes and functions for working with polygonal meshes (using the halfedge representation) and two libraries for linear algebra - a simple library for solving numerical problems (really a Lapack wrapper) and a more comprehensive library for working with vectors and matrices in 2D, 3D and 4D. You will also find tools for volumetric data, point clouds, spatial datastructures and visualization.

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